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Hello there, first of all, a warm welcome to you.

We are living through an era of intense turbulence, disillusionment, and bewilderment. In the age of uncertainties and challenging time, many of us are experiencing life pressure and stress that have an impact not only to ourselves but to our immediate families.

Problems ranging mainly from financial, business, personal and family’s problems are usually not easy to be solved. Most hardly know what would happen next. Anxiety has replaced hubris.

If we are to survive and thrive in this new age of uncertainties, we will need to learn to navigate and wriggle through this complexity. 

You need to be the one to make the decision to stand up to your fears and battle them head on!’s mission is to “Embrace A Supporting Pillar To Your Success”. Our core drive is to arm you with a simple tool which is used by great industry leaders while guiding you with a proven strategy used by them to solve your everyday problems.

Not only that, but we are also ready to stand hand in hand with you through our coaching and mentoring support to ensure that you will learn and master this process. You no longer need to suffer in silence. We have you covered.

Sign That You Need Help!

1. Challenges, Disputes, Struggles, Issues, Concerns, Problems, Worries, Dilemma, Crisis, Conflicts, Disappointment – Main causes of stress.

Have you been experiencing any or all of these in the past few months? Some of you have experience it Day-In Day-Out. Left unchecked, it can lead to what psychologist labeled as mental torture, that in time can turn into a silent killer.

One of the clear indication that you are experiencing this, is the pressure level while for some it is sleepless night. Whether it is personal, work or business problems, it needs to be resolve as soon as possible (ASAP).

Stop suffering in silence. LEARN THE ART OF SOLVING ALL YOUR PROBLEM TODAY – the one skill that can have life changing experience for you.

2. Personal Finance Education (For Individual) – You’re struggling to manage your finances!

Financial education is the ability to understand how money works. It is the art of savings, investing, managing money and most important the ability to make sound financial decisions that are integral to your everyday lives.

The main goal of a good financial education is to help in understanding financial concepts that will help you to manage your money better. It is a life skill that one must grasp for good financial wellbeing. Our course FROM RAT RACE TO F.I.R.E. addresses some of these pressing concern.

Financial literacy includes budgeting, asset monitoring, cash flow, investing, insurance, debts management, retirement planning and more have proven time & time again to provide a peace of mind as far as financial and money management is concern.

We provide not only a financial planning course for individuals but provide a tool that can help to track, monitor, and support you in the proper financial management of your current, and future financial needs. BE THE MASTER OF MONEY TODAY.

How Can We Help?

1. e-Learning

We have developed 3 e-learning course, the first of which is the “Art Of Problem Solving” which focuses on how you can build up one of the most critical life skill. There are many things that should be, but often are not, taught in school.

Some lucky ones learned it through the many mistakes, while some are by chances that they have faced (school of hard knocks). Sadly, a great majority of us are not trained on it.

Now, in less than 1 hour, you will be guided on a simple and proven step to effective problem-solving skills. You will build upon it to become a master problem solver where you will reap the benefits many times over.

Our second course is the “From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.“. This course dives into the one of the most worrisome issue on our personal life, which is financial management.

Key critical matters that will be covered are on how to build a strong financial framework to achieving financial independence with the goals of a worry-free retirement.

The third course is a FREE course – Basic Mind Mapping. This course guides the user on how to create a mind map. The course allows you to download a FREE Mind Mapping Software that we use to create the mind map.

You can check out our Pre-Built Mind Map and the FREE Course from the link.

Each of our online courses are structured into two parts, focused on answering the key questions. In the first part, you will find answers to all your questions about problem solving. In the second part, you will be provided with a tool that will make it easy for you to define and monitor your progress.

Our courses are written in in English. With the in-built feature of Google Translate, you will be able to learn it with the language (English, Malay, Chinese, Hindi) you are most familiar with. There is also an audio option where it will read out to you in 6 languages, which is English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.

2. Workshop (Online & On-Site)

To train your team, we can organize a group session either an online workshop or face to face workshop on site to empower your team with these skills.

Before the commencement of the workshop, the assigned coach will explore and examine with your key team members into your key crucial business concern. The workshop will be customized to focus into addressing your immediate business issue.

During the workshop, there will be a session in which all the team members will be engaged in a brainstorming session that is spear-headed by the facilitator on the highlighted business problem.

Other areas of the workshop that will be covered include the “4 Most Effective Ways Leaders Solve Problems”,  “Group Problem Solving Strategy” and “The 9 Critical Problem Solving Behaviors Your Team Must Know” .

3. Coaching (1 on 1 Online / On-Site)

There are times where we may find ourselves alone at a crossroads in our lives and professional support may be the only available option for you. Our one-on-one coaching session will be able to guide and support you to the right direction.

For those that have pressing problem that need to be resolved quickly, you can subscribe to our online one-on-one personalized coaching session. Your assigned coach will work with you to define a more detailed fact finding, analysis and agreeable option for your business and personal problem.

Before the commencement of the coaching session, you will undergo a personal evaluation and analysis on your readiness to undergo the coaching session. Our coaching model is based on the “6 Step GROWTH methodology” that are proven very successful in achieving the expected result based on the defined goals.

At the session, you will be able to obtain a biased-free third-party view of your issue and/or a second opinion of your solution. Your assigned coach will hand-hold you; to clear all your doubts and develop key milestone to track on your progress so that you will be able achieve your ultimate goals.

Lastly, you will have the ability to master the strategy, tools and to use these new skills to solve all your future problems. You will also be briefed on “5 Powerful Formulas to Develop Your Problem-Solving Skills” to fast track your problem-solving mastery.

All coaching session will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. Click here for our coaching program.

4. Mentoring (1 on 1 Online / On-Site)

Once you have been coached, you can subscribe to the mentoring services where your mentor will provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling.

Your mentor is ever ready to assist you in exploring other areas of your business development, setting of new goals, monitoring mechanism, identifying resources, future planning and much more.

Other key roles of your mentor are to ensure that you do not sway away from your initial goal – helping you to look at the big picture.

All mentoring session will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

5. Pre-built Mind Map

Mind maps allow you to view all the contents of a subject at a glance. That is because mind maps, in opposite to linear texts, never stretch across multiple pages.

This means that you don’t have to jump back and forth between multiple pages but can retain a clear picture of the contents at all times. Below are how mind map can help you. 

  • Mind mapping helps you focus.
  • Mind mapping lets you structure your thoughts.
  • Mind mapping enhances memory.
  • Mind mapping provides a great overview of a topic.
  • Mind mapping enables a free flow of ideas.
  • Mind mapping is efficient.
  • Mind mapping is easy and fun.
  • It is the best corporate tool and more…

With the pre-built mind map, you will be able to view all the possible questions, issues and challenges regarding a specific topics. This will be a great starting point for your thought process which you might not have thought about it in the first place. You are free to make any changes by customizing it to your current need and situation. 

But, I have no knowledge on how to use mind map? We have you covered on it. For every purchase of a pre-built mind map, you will get a FREE basic course on Mind Mapping and you will be able to download the FREE MIND MAPPING SOFTWARE that we use to create it. Click here for a full list of Prebuilt Mind Map.

NOTE: We also provide the services of Mind Mapping Workshop and Custom Mind Map Development. Contact us today.

What Are Some Of The Problems You Are Facing NOW?

1. Common Personal Problems Faced By Many

All of us experience personal problems at one time or another. When severe and distracting, personal problems interfere with our happiness, but they can also negatively affect our productivity on the job.

Personal problems can interfere with attendance or make us late for work. They can alter our behaviour in undesirable ways, affect our attitude, cause us to be careless, increase our personal risk on the job, and adversely affect our decisions, demeanour, and interactions with others.

  1. No Money – My funds are running low – what can I do to increase my income?
  2. Retrenched/ Job Loss – I was just retrenched from my job and have applied to many jobs but so far, no offer – What are my other option?
  3. Salary Cut – My boss just informed me that I had to take a 25% salary cut. I am already very tight, what other option is available for me.
  4. Starting a business – I have business idea & solution but no money to start. What will I do?
  5. Work Problem – I feel very stressed and pressured in my work dateline. Should I look for another job or start a business? The problem is I have limited business knowledge.
  6. Mortgage/Loan Payment – I am behind schedule on my mortgage payment and now I just lost my job. What can I do now?
  7. Sales Target – My boss has been pressuring me on my sales target. I cannot afford to lose this job.
  8. Overweight – I am 35 and I have a weight problem, what can I do now?
  9. High Stress Level – I feel that I have a headache on most days and does not seem to be doing the right things.
  10. Sleepless Night – I feel tired most of the days and keep waking up at night. Is anything wrong with me?
  11. Retirement – I am 45 and have 500K, can I retire?
  12. Health Problems – My doctor just diagnose that I have a very high cholesterol level, what should I do?
  13. Family Problems – My family is driving me crazy. What can I do?
  14. Relationship Problems – My boyfriend just broke off with me, I feel very depressed and lost – What shall I do?
  15. And more

2. Business Problems – Are these familiar to you?

No matter what type of industry you are in, you are probably experiencing the same challenges faced by businesses around the world. Though they seem unique to you and your team, they are often universal. How do you view the business problems you face? Are they obstacles or are they opportunities for growth? Here is a list of some of the many challenges that businesses faced.

  1. Business About to Close Down – The pandemic has ruined my business survival, what can I do now?
  2. Low Cash Flow – Our cash flow is down; profit margin is reducing, and our cost is increasing. What are the options to improve on it?
  3. Not Able To Get More Customers – We have not been getting much new customer and are also losing our existing customer. What should we start to look at?
  4. Collection Problems – Of late my customer has been delaying on payment to us and we are running low on our cash reserve. What else should we be looking at?
  5. Staff Salary – Lately business has been slow, and debts are mounting, should I retrench my staff?
  6. Projects Getting Delayed – Many of our projects are being delayed and have caused a dent on our collection. Is there anyway we can improve on our delivery and resource allocation?
  7. Staff Problems – Recently our staff turnover is going up, most staff leave after 2 to 3 months and the new hire is not up to mark. What shall I do?
  8. Starting An Online Platform – We want to extend our business online but we have limited knowledge on how to proceed with our limited budget and resources.
  9. Decreasing Profit Margin/ Rising Cost – Due to the slowdown of the business, we are running a deficit every month. What areas can be improved on to go back to profitability.
  10. Just Need Someone to Talk To – I have so many problems and wish I could have someone that can shared my problem with and able to provide new input?
  11. Feeling Lost -With the current pandemic, I have tried many options to improve my business but nothing seems to work.
  12. And more …

Need to consult a coach urgently to help you face up to the problems in your life NOW. Click here.

Employee Assistance Program is a structured approach for helping employees and their families identify to resolve personal problems and concerns that may affect job performance.

Some of the benefits includes, reduce absenteeism, increased productivity, reduce turnover, positive work environment and better staff morale.

Learn more about how we can help your employees to be more productive. Contact us today.

Who Is This For?

For Those With Positive Traits

  • People who desire to be top earners.
  • People who wants to lead.
  • People who aspire to be more successful.
  • People who wants more in life.
  • People who wants to be lucky.
  • People who wants to be in control.
  • Those that just wants to master the art of problem-solving skills.

For Those Currently Experiencing These Negative Traits

  • People who get stressed out or agitated easily.
  • People who get angry over little problem.
  • People who are worried about their problems.
  • People who just lost their job.
  • People who have financial problem.
  • People who can’t seem to find workable solutions to their problem.
  • People who just need help.
  • People who just need to talk to someone.