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FREE “From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.” course*  — worth RM299.00

    • 1-year access to the PROFESSIONAL version of Financial Statement
    • 1 Online Session – Set up, Fact-Finding, and Interview
    • 3 Online Strategy Review Session

FREE Bonus Financial Tips

Planning Strategy: Medium/Long Term 

* Users must complete the “From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.” course — this course provides you the foundation on how you can reach FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE employing the FIRE Strategy.


Develop core skills necessary to become a competent self financial person that can analyse, interpret, make changes, and create an action plan to smoothen your path to Financial Independence.


    • Suitable for those looking to achieve financial independence at the earliest possible time frame
    • Awareness of your financial habits and its impact on your retirement plan
    • Consists of centralized tools to monitor multiple streams of your finances
    • Personalized Financial Intelligence & Data Analysis System
    • Helps to future-proof your finances against inflation, economic conditions and etc

What You Will Learn: 

    1. Different F.I.R.E. strategies — allowing you to identify which suits best for you).
    2. Understand and visualize the impact of your finances
    3. Read and interpret your own financial charts and take action from it
    4. Identify key financial areas that require changes
    5. Setting realistic financial goals that are achievable
    6. Introduce a new lifestyle based on the implementation of the changes
    7. How to reduce or eliminate bad debts
    8. Explore income-generating opportunities based on your skills set
    9. Savings and investment strategies based on your personal risk profile
    10. Suggestions on areas to reduce expenses


    • Must have completed the “From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.” module
    • Able to keep to a schedule/plan
    • Must have a strong desire to achieve financial goals
    • Willing to devote at least a couple of minutes a day on monitoring, improving, and updating your financial data
    • Prepared to put an effort towards a better understanding and awareness of your own finances to reach your ultimate financial goals
    • Willing to make a commitment to change and modify plans as the financial, economic, and any circumstances changes over time

What It Includes:

    • From Rat-Race To F.I.R.E. Course
    • The course has an A.I. generated audio in multiple languages eg. English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
    • Easy to follow video tutorial to guide you on the data preparation and data entry with sample data.
    • One On One Online Review Session.
    • Personal Budget Tracker.
    • One Year Access to the Professional Version Financial Statement
    • Net-worth Statement (your total current net-worth)
    • Cash Flow Statement (net cash position)
    • Retirement Analysis (projection of your future net-worth with inflation and future value — whether your funding is sufficient to last through your entire retirement)
    • Financial Health Check (your personal financial ratio at a glance — which areas are critical to work on)
    • Financial Goals Planning (individual goals setting with a time frame)
    • Children Education Planning (how much you need for children’s education)
    • Insurance Needs Analysis (is your insurance coverage sufficiently for any unplanned mishap)
    • Cash Flow Quadrants Analysis (identify which assets are/can generate passive income)
    • Risk Profiling Analysis (your investment risk tolerance level — high risk, moderate or low risk)
    • Your Asset Allocation (how your assets are allocated compared to your personal risk profile)
    • Returns On Asset (ROA) Analysis (which assets are generating income and its returns over time)
    • Investment KPI Analysis (snapshot of your assets — which are profitable and which are loss-making)
    • FIRE Starters Bonus
    • FIRE Explorer Bonus
    • FIRE Master Bonus

What the Review Session is about:

In the first session, we’ll start to establish your current financial position through our fact-finding inquiry [GAP Analysis]. With that information, it is then entered into the financial tools which will generate out all the financial analysis.

Based on your financial details and information, we will identify and fine-tune the data that portray your current financial standing. We will then detail out a set of scenarios, along with an accompanying action plan based on your comfort level. During the review sessions, we will jointly develop a set of suggestions and findings (both pros and cons) of each situation. With that information, you will then decide on your strategy and action plan.

As for the follow-up session, we will be focusing on your achievements and/or any setbacks/changes in your initial plan. If required, a revision of the strategy can be implemented to ensure that your financial goals are achievable within the targeted time frame. It is recommended to have a review session every 2 weeks in order to keep the momentum and progress on target.

Upon the completion of the final session, you should be ready to confidently identify, monitor, and execute the areas that you need to change, modify, and make progress on your own. Should you require any additional mentoring review sessions, you can contact us accordingly.

Who It Is For:

  • For individuals who are committed to their long term financial strategy.
  • SME Entrepreneur / business owner / management staff
  • Those that are seriously planning for retirement or even better early retirement
  • Anyone that is keen to control their personal finance


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