FREE From Rat Race To  F.I.R.E. course (worth RM299.00)

FREE 90 days access to BASIC Version Financial Statement.

FREE Bonus Financial Tips.

Financial Strategy: Short Term

Level: Beginner


Equip you with the information to learn about the basic financial terms (how it impact you) and the foundation to get you started your F.I.R.E. plan using ready-made financial data (you can change it to your own – tutorial in the course).


    • From Rat Race To F.I.R.E. is a question-based course designed to guide you on how you can achieve FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE employing the FIRE Strategy.
    • The Course has an A.I. generated audio in multiple languages eg. English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
    • With Google Translate you can translate all the course content to English, Chinese, Malay and Hindi.
    • Easy to follow video tutorial to guide you on the data preparation and data entry with sample data.
    • Learn how people have done it at the early age of 30
    • Learn NOT to be a Slave To Money but being a Master of it.
    • Financial Tips bonuses to keep you informed on the best financial game plan.

What You Will Learn From The Course:

    1. Basic understanding of what F.I.R.E. strategy is
    2. Learning the fundamental of personal finances and core financial terms that can affect your lifestyle and your path to financial independence
    3. The importance of setting a personal budget and maintaining it
    4. The importance of creating workable and feasible financial goals that are achievable
    5. Discovering your worse enemy and your best friend that will support your financial journey (you will definitely be amazed to find out.


    • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel (worksheet for you to work with)
    • Willing to take the first baby step to improve your current financial position
    • Willing to devote at least a couple of minutes a day on monitoring your budget
    • Prepare to put some effort towards a better understanding and awareness of your own finances to reach your ultimate financial goals
    • Willing to make a commitment to change and modify plans as the financial, economic, and any circumstances changes over time

What It Includes:

    • From Rat-Race To F.I.R.E. Course
    • Personal Budget Tracker
    • FREE 90 Days Access to the Basic Version Financial Statement
    • Net-worth Statement (your total current net-worth)
    • Cash Flow Statement (net cash position)
    • Personal Budget Spreadsheet
    • FIRE Starters Bonus

Why is F.I.R.E. for you?

Escaping from the Rat-Race? It’s easier than you thought possible. With this course, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom by equipping yourself with these;

    • Knowing what your Freedom Number – the figure you need to retire early (your first step towards financial independence).
    • The different type of financial goals and how it will affect you.
    • You’ll know how retirement works, how much to save, invest for a worry-free retirement
    • You’ll learn how to adjust and to modify your retirement plans and “retirement number” as your life situations change
    • True financial peace of mind; knowing you have a workable retirement plan which you fully understand
    • Small actions you can take today to immediately save thousands on your investment and fund your retirement accounts
    • Learn simple money savings tricks and side income generating ideas from your skill.
    • Real-world ideas on how to speed up your retirement dream
    • Understanding the importance of why your retirement mindset is absolutely critical to the amount of financial success you will achieve
    • Opportunity to maximize the amount of money you will be able to live off of every year of your retirement and more……


5 ways to make money with

Who It Is For:

For individuals who want to take control of their money, rather than have it control them. The course is suitable for beginners and anyone who is willing to learn how to manage their finances with the right tools.

It is ideal for those that seek financial independence, as well as those who plan to retire early or are going to retire soon.


NOTE: If you would like to organize a private group workshop (minimum 10 pax), please send your request to us for a quotation.

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